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COVID 19 Reopening Plan 

Lectura Montessori School is committed to the safety of our school, children, staff, and parents. Our operational action plan in response to the COVID 19 virus is intended to provide additional safety through following all mandated state and federal requirements for operation. The purpose of this operational plan is to provide safety measures and information to staff, parents, and visitors.  In addition, this plan will provide direction for the implementation of all safety measures through daily sanitation of the facility, improved hygiene through multiple hand washing, accessibility to hand sanitizer,  and gloves, and wearing face masks (optional) of all school occupants.  All current and newly enrolling students and families will be required to adhere to the reopening plan fully. The full Cooperation of all will ensure the full safety of our school and children. 

For a detailed copy of our COVID 19 Operational Plan, please contact us at

For Illinois COVID 19 daycare requirements for the Illinois Department of Public Health, please select the attached link. 


Additional Information:

COVID19 Guidance Daycare Plan of Illinois



Washing hands soap and water cpt Maridav

Lectura Reopening Video

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