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Our Facilities

Lectura Montessori School Entrance

Lectura Montessori School offers a five thousand square foot facility with classrooms that have large widows which offer lots of natural light. Our school offers two large primary classrooms, two toddler classrooms (lower and upper) and one elementary room. All classrooms offer natural light for the children. We have a large enclosed recreational play area with a garden for our children grow fresh veggies and herbs. Our garden is 100% organic and pesticide free and maintained by the teachers and children of Lectura.


We also have full access to Unity Park which is only a short 10 minute walk away. Unity Park offers equipment that is age appropriate for our toddlers and preschool aged children. Unity Park is wonderful location that offers a recreational option to our on-site play area. For more information on our school please call or book a tour on our school website. Just click on the “Schedule a Tour” button and follow the directions. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!                                                                                              

Lectura Montessori School Flag

Lectura has on-site and off-site recreational areas. Our off-site recreactional area is less then one block away. 

Unity Park Sign
Sitting Area
Small Play Area
Small Play Area 2
Swing Area
Drinking Fountain
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